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Organize your corporate event to unite your teams and create a common experience. Strengthen the feeling of belonging and the 'team-spirit' in a relaxed atmosphere around a challenge that the teams can meet together.


Treasure hunts and challenges of the investigation type, urban rally, treasure hunt, etc. are ideal business activities for creating links outside the office, strengthening team spirit and promoting group cohesion.


Our games promote communication and the sharing of skills.


It is a real Team Building activity that will suit many events:


Company Committee,

Outdoor activity,

Company day,

Company anniversary,

Annual meal ...


Challenge and motivate your teams in a fun way by organizing a game for your colleges with Enigmamiens.


Bring a touch of adventure and fun to your event.


Ideal activity to involve everyone and combine different skills, your teams and your collaborators will be able to surpass themselves by deploying their insight when solving clues and puzzles.


Give a common and unusual goal that is outside the scope of the work.


Our activities are as good for a group of colleagues already united and seeking to live, together, an extra-professional activity as for future colleagues who do not yet know each other very well with a need to quickly create links. Our treasure hunts are a perfect way to get to know each other and quickly create cohesion in a group.

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