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Go to the heart of Amiens in search of the 10 clues that are hidden in the city center and that will allow you to reconstruct the treasure map!

Profile : all audiences, adults and accompanied children from 8 years old.

Difficulty : easy

Duration : approximately 1h30 - 2h

Number of participants min - max : 3 - 20+

Distance : less than 5km


14 € / pers for 3 participants

13 € / pers for 4 participants

12 € / pers for 5 participants

11 € / pers for 6 participants and more

* for large families, please contact us by phone

Meet on D-Day at the Shirtless Marie Clock, at 11 Rue des Sergents, 80000 Amiens at the time indicated on your reservation email for the departure briefing.

A member of Enigmamiens will welcome you on site. Throughout the game the team remains available to guide you during the treasure hunt.

Chasse au tresor amiens La somme.jpg

The Enigmamiens treasure hunts are halfway between a tourist visit and an escape game, they allow you to do tourism in a different way and discover unusual places in Amiens.

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