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More interactive and immersive than a guided tour, the treasure hunts and treasure hunts will allow you to walk around while playing.


Discover Amiens in a fun and unusual way thanks to our treasure hunts and treasure hunts in the historic center of the city, the Saint-Pierre park, the Jules Verne district, Henryville, the Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Saint-Leu district, the Hortillonnages… The various games we offer will take you through all of its famous places and reveal small historical and tourist details to help you discover the city from another angle.


Who are these treasure hunts and treasure hunts for?


Whether in competitive mode or simple entertainment, everyone will be able to navigate, between the different scenarios, the fun mechanisms, and the discovery of the course. It is a perfect activity for an outing with family, friends, for adventurers, for a children's or adult birthday party, there is something for everyone! Business seminars, between colleagues, bachelorette party for young girls and boys. You will discover the hidden face of Amiens through a pleasant and fun walk.


Whether you are from Amiens or visiting, we discover or rediscover Amiens in a different way with our selection of treasure hunts and treasure hunts.


The city is your playground for this urban rally, divided into teams of 4/5 you will have to find puzzles along a walk, decode them and solve them, like in an Escape Game. Your insight and your sense of observation will be your best assets.

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