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What could be better than a fun and entertaining activity for all?
The treasure hunt adapts and involves everyone!


It's an immersive activity where you are the heroes. Whether you are a competitor or simply looking for an interactive ride, choose to do it with or without a stopwatch, challenge your friends with a 'first come' format or take your time to explore the surroundings at your own pace.


It is a walking tour in the city, conducted as an outdoor investigation game or escape game in which the participants are the actors.
You will fully experience the adventure!


You will need to show insight so that you can access the next steps and subtlety to solve the various puzzles.


Our treasure hunts and treasure hunts are suitable for many occasions such as stag parties, bachelorette parties, birthdays, outings with friends or colleagues, ... Take part in an unusual activity and spend a morning or after -unforgettable midday.


More interactive and immersive than a guided tour, the treasure hunt and treasure hunts will allow you to have fun while strolling.


Discover Amiens in a fun and unusual way thanks to our treasure hunts and treasure hunts in the historic center of the city, the Saint-Pierre park, the Jules Verne district, Henryville, the Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Saint-Leu district, the Hortillonnages… The various games we offer will take you through all of its famous places and reveal small historical and tourist details to help you discover the city from another angle.

Chasse au tresor Jules Verne trois image



A treasure hunt in the footsteps of the famous author to discover his darkest secret.

Profile: Adult

Difficulty: Medium

Duration: about 2h00


12€-20€ /per person

Mais ou est Lafleur?.png


A treasure hunt in the heart of

Hortillonnages of Amiens.


Coming soon!


  € /per person

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