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Go through the pedestrian streets of Amiens in search of clues that will allow you to find the treasure hidden around the Cathedral.

Profile : children accompanied by an adult, from 6 to 10 years old

Difficulty : easy

Duration : about 1h - 1h30

Number of participants min - max : 3 - 20+

Distance : less than 2km

Price: 10 € per person

Meet on D-Day in the medieval garden, next to the Bishop's Palace, at the time indicated in your reservation email for the departure briefing.

A member of Enigmamiens will welcome you on-site. Throughout the game, the team remains available to guide you through.

Chasse au tresor le tresor de la cathedr
IMG_3016 2.jpg

The Enigmamiens treasure hunts are halfway between a tourist visit and an escape game, they allow you to do tourism in a different way and discover unusual places in Amiens.

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