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PREPARATION: You don't need any special preparation.


Dress appropriately for the weather.

Put on shoes suitable for a 2 to 5km walk.

THE D-DAY: Present yourself at the place and time indicated in your confirmation email.


The activity lasts between 1h30 and 2h30 depending on the game and format chosen (time trial, team competition, walk). 


At the starting point, the participants join a member of Enigmamiens who will give the briefing and explain the rules of the game. He will distribute a bag to each team containing the different elements of the game.


For large groups, you will be divided into teams of 4/5 people. For the treasure hunt, the teams will compete to be the quickest to find the clues and solve the riddles in order to identify the place where the treasure is hidden.


THE GAME:  is done independently, but a member of Enigmamiens will stay in the game area at all times. He/she can be reached by telephone at any time in case of doubt or blockage.

PRIZESIn the end, everyone will be rewarded but only one group will find the treasure first!


For the treasure hunt, the objective is to find hidden clues while walking through the streets of Amiens. Progress from stage to stage by letting yourself be guided by your deductions. In the end, if you reveal Jules Verne's secret, your team will be rewarded!

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