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Scavenger hunts are a perfect activity for children, teens, and young adults.


From 6 years old, treasure hunts and other treasure hunts will delight young people!

A fun event par excellence, the treasure hunt develops their capacities for reflection, logic, concentration, memorization, and provokes an incomparable enthusiasm and satisfaction.

Enigmamiens adapts to its audience and offers hunts of all levels. It is possible to carry out the treasure hunt all together or divided into teams.

Chasse au tresor enfants.png

Give your teens a breath of fresh air with an outdoor treasure hunt. Ideal for a family, for a birthday, a celebration or to occupy your children on weekends.


No preparation is necessary for the clues, the accessories, and the treasure are fully taken care of by Enigmamiens.

The Enigmamiens team can intervene to guide you in solving the riddles and puzzles if necessary, in order to ensure that the participants do not stray too far from the right path.

The hours are flexible to adapt to your schedule. Do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at or at

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