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John & Flo


Hello! We are John and Flo, we live in Amiens for a few years and we love two things: our city and games.

It was after participating in a few treasure hunts in other cities that the idea of ​​importing the concept germinated in our minds. He was then to find a concept that allows discovering our city mani èr an original but also affordable for everyone. This is why we have developed outdoor games for all ages and all levels. We also wanted to create games borrowing from local culture and heritage, for example with a treasure hunt on the theme of Jules Verne.

We now have the chance to involve hundreds of visitors, locals, and tourists alike in our games and it is always a pleasure to see everyone join in and take full advantage of the experiences we have created.


With this success, we have several new treasure hunts in development that we will be happy to share with you soon!

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